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Safety on the Rails - The Union Switch & Signal Story
by Joanne L. Harris

Safety on the Rails - The Union Switch & Signal Story Our Price: $39.99

Publication Info: 192 pages (2011)
Ansaldo STS USA, Inc.; Dimensions (in inches): 9.125 x 12

Description: From the dawn of the rail transportation to the futuristic driverless rail systems, Union Switch and Signal throughout history has been the leading switch, signal and dispatch company in the rail industry. This book covers every aspect of USS company from the founders to the signal and switch machinist and assembly to the switchboard operators and control centers and every employee in the making of USS. Safety on the Rails will give the reader the whole story of the USS company's leadership in safety and signaling for the transportation industry.

Additional Information: Union Switch and Signal has endured hardships and turmoil throughout its long industrial history. As the United States experienced 2 World Wars and the Great Depression, Union Switch adapted to the circumstances and was revolutionary in the building of our industrialized nation by manufacturing airplane engines for WWI, rifle parts and many other necessities for aid to the war. Despite the Great Depression USS made strides to achieve new and improved safety standards for their equipment and provided many jobs for the jobless. As WWll approached USS switched gears and helped with war efforts by producing bomb bodies, shell casings, airplane propellers, radio controlled aerial bombs, and Colt .45 pistols. Many women were hired during war times and continued to contribute to the assets of USS long after the war had ended. USS has endured the tough times and moves forward to be the first and foremost in top of the line technology for the rail industry.

This book gives the reader great insight into the making of legendary company and a walk through the history of our industrialized nation.

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