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Railroads & Economic Regulation (An Insiders Account)
by Frank N. Wilner

Railroads & Economic Regulation (An Insiders Account) Our Price: $69.00

Publication Info: 414 pages (2023)
Simmons Boardman Books, Inc.; ISBN: 9780911382754; Dimensions (in inches): 5.75 x 8.75

Description: Railroads & Economic Regulation traces the development, failures and successes of railroad economic regulation by an insider who was a White House appointed chief of staff at the Surface Transportation Board and a senior officer at the Association of American Railroads.

Additional Information: "Frank Wilner has written an exhaustive history of our nation's railroads and the complicated, intriguing and often confusing federal regulation and lawmaking."
Nick Rahall
Member of Congress (West Virginia, 1977-2015)

"As a new member of the Surface Transportation Board, the book would have been indispensable to me. It places today's regulatory issues into context based on their history and paints a picture of the characters who have made the railroad world what it is today."
Debra L. Miller
Member, Surface Transportation Board, 2014-2018

"The quality and depth of Wilner's research provides a needed road map through the labyrinth of railroad regulation. It is a valuable resource for future policy decision making."
Dr. Harvey A. Levine
Retired, Vice President, Economics & Finance Association of American Railroads

"This is a book as enjoyable as it is essential. To understand America's economy, one needs to understand railroads, and to understand railroads, one needs to understand the story of their economic regulation."
Chuck Baker
American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association

"This definitive work expertly explains how a century of over regulation nearly strangled railroads, and how partial deregulation in 1980 helped save them."
Bill Stephens
Trains Magazine columnist

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