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Introduction to North American Railway Signaling
Introduction to North American Railway Signaling Our Price: $56.95

Publication Info: 224 pages (2008)
Simmons-Boardman Books, Inc.; Dimensions (in inches): 8.25 x 10.75

Description: Introduction to North American Railway Signaling covers the basics of signaling philosophy and techniques. This is the book to reach for if you need information pertaining to signaling systems used in the various rail transportation modes in North America: freight, main-line passenger service, commuter, light-rail, and heavy rail transit. It presents the underlying principles behind modern day signaling practices for the many systems integrated together to keep railroads running safely and efficiently.

Additional Information: This book details fundamental concepts necessary in the design of railway signaling systems and presents the appropriate equipment used throughout North America to make these systems work. Where pertinent, mode-specific effects on basic signaling principles and techniques are described.
Introduction to North American Railway Signaling is ideal for signal designers and engineers; locomotive engineers; signal managers; operating supervisors and managers; or anyone wishing to learn more about the application of various signaling systems employed in today's railroads.

Contents Include:
- Railway Signaling
- The Elements of a Signal System
- Track Work
- Switches
- Wayside Signals
- Relays and Relay Logic
- Train Detection
- Block Signaling Interlocking
- Remote Control and Control Centers
- Cab Signals and Automatic Train Control
- Grade Crossings
- Defect Detectors
- Lightning and Surge Protection

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