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The Art and Science of Rail Grinding
by Dr. Allan M. Zarembski

The Art and Science of Rail Grinding Our Price: $159.95

Publication Info: 420 pages (2005)
Simmons-Boardman Books, Inc.; ISBN: 0911382488; Dimensions (in inches): 7.25 x 9

Description: Rail grinding saves the rail industry millions of dollars every year.The Art and Science of Rail Grinding is the first book dedicated exclusively to the subject. It covers the full range of grinding issues from profile grinding and control of the wheel-rail interface to corrective grinding and defect elimination.

Additional Information: This book is truly a must have book for anyone associated with rail grinding. Its aimed at the full spectrum of people associated with grinding and grinding decisions from grinding operators to office engineers, planners and senior decision makers. The principles presented are applicable to all rail systems from heavy haul freight, to inter-urban passenger to transit and commuter rail.
Contents Include:
- Rail and Rail Problems
- What is Rail Grinding?
- The History and Evolution of Rail Grinding Equipment
- Switch and Crossing (Turnout) Grinding
- Grinding Operations and Issues
- Traditional Rail Grinding
- Rail Profile Grinding
- Monitoring Rail Grinding
- Grinding Management
- Economics of Rail Grinding

Presented in an easy to understand format with over 300 figures, illustrations and tables. Hardbound.

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