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The Only Game In Town: The LOCOTROL Story
by Fergus Moffat

The Only Game  In Town: The LOCOTROL Story Our Price: $69.99

Publication Info: 302 pages (2021)
Fe Moffat; ISBN: 9780648529019; Dimensions (in inches): 10.75 x 8.25

Description: Fergus Moffat takes us through the development of remote-controlled railroad distributed motive power. Distributing locomotive power throughout the length of a long, heavy train and controlling those dispersed locomotives remotely, shares the motive force throughout the train rather than concentrating it all conventionally at the head-end. The technology contributed to the safe operation of long, heavy freight trains worldwide. Originally known by various names before receiving the proprietary name LOCOTROL, this was the first distributed power scheme to be proven in regular service and for 40 years was the only practical application of this technology.

Additional Information:
- Gain an appreciation of the technological developments leading to LOCOTROL
- Take a ride with Moffat on his account of incorporating the technology on an Indian railway in the late 1980s
- Gain insight to what is involved in operating a train equipped with LOCOTROL
- Review the progression of LOCOTROL equipment through the years


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