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Guide to Freight Car Trucks
Guide to Freight Car Trucks Our Price: $89.95

Publication Info: 328 pages (2016)
The Railway Educational Bureau; ISBN: 0911382283; Dimensions (in inches): 11x11.5

Description: Just what the mechanical department has been waiting for. Guide to Freight Car Trucks is an in-depth look at freight car truck maintenance covering some of today's most commonly used trucks. You'll get a comprehensive overview of AAR-approved maintenance procedures to help your shop keep this vital component operating safely and efficiently. It's ideal for mechanical maintenance personnel, foremen or others responsible for servicing and maintaining freight car trucks. This title also serves as the cornerstone for our new correspondence course covering freight car trucks (please call for course details.)

Additional Information: The Table of Contents for the book includes:
1 History of the Freight Car Truck
2 Wheels
3 Axles
4 Plain Bearing Trucks
5 Roller Bearings
6 Roller Bearing Adapters
7 Barber Side Frame
8 ASF Ride Control Side Frame
9 National C-1 Side Frame
10 Barber S2 Bolster
11 ASF Ride Control Bolster
12 National C-1 Truck Bolster
13 National Super C-1 Wedgelock Bolster
14 National Super C-1 Wedgelock Side Frame
15 Main Load Coil Springs
16 Side Springs and Friction Castings
17 Body Centre Plates
18 Side Bearings
19 Centre Plate Extension Pads
20 Frame Brace Truck
21 National Swing Motion Truck
22 National Unitruck II
23 Barber Swing Motion Caboose Truck
24 Buckeye XC-R Truck

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