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Elements of Planning, Engineering and Operating Light Rail with Applications in New Jersey
by Alfred E. Fazio, P.E.

Elements of Planning, Engineering and Operating Light Rail with Applications in New Jersey Our Price: $65.95

Publication Info: 136 pages (2015)
Simmons Boardman Books Inc.; ISBN: 9780911382624; Dimensions (in inches): 8.5 x 11

Description: Gain comprehensive insight into specialized technical and operating issues associated with light and interurban railways with Al Fazio's invaluable new book. It closely examines the relationship between transportation and the economics of transit-oriented development (TOD) in a modern urban environment. This must-have book will appeal to transportation professionals in planning, operations, civil engineering, signaling, and vehicle engineering as well as undergraduate and graduate students looking to enter these fields.

Additional Information: Light rail transit employs a full range of technologies where "out of the box" solutions simply don't work like they do for rapid transit. Significant differences in railcar configuration and capabilities exist. Operating practices are spread over a wide continuum. Allow Fazio to lead you through the thoughtful, expert service planning and applications engineering required. Simply put, you'll benefit immensely from exploring New Jersey's decades of light rail experience.

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