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The Classic Railway Signal Tower: New Haven Railroad S.S.44-Berk
by Stephen A. McEvoy

The Classic Railway Signal Tower: New Haven Railroad S.S.44-Berk Our Price: $44.95

Publication Info: 166 pages (2007)
Instant Publisher; ISBN: 9781598728583; Dimensions (in inches): 8.5 x 11

Description: This book is about the New Haven, Penn Central and successor railroads, and the role that S.S.44-Berk and the other signal towers played in train operations, dispatching and control. The twenty (20) chapters in the book are about trains, history, technology, signaling, rail operations (including dispatching, operating rules and timetable special instructions), industry standards, federal regulations, electrification, and much more. The book is fully illustrated with approximately 76 color photos, 36 black and white photos, and 30 other graphics.

Additional Information: TThe S.S.44-Berk Signal Tower was built in 1896 and remained in continuous service until 1984, a period of 88 years. This signal tower controlled a strategic interlocking on the busy four-track signaled and electrified New Haven Line that is now part of the Northeast Corridor. This complex interlocking included the junction with the non-signaled Danbury-Pittsfield branch line and also included the four-track swing bridge over the Norwalk River. The book's Foreword was written by William L. Withuhn, Curator - History of Transportation, Smithsonian Institution. Bill speaks very highly about the book in all respects. It was reviewed in the January 2009 issue of Trains Magazine, and it was given the highest possible recommendation. The book professionally covers the important and longstanding principles of railroad signaling and train control, which still apply today in the age of microprocessors.


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