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  • Brake System Safety Standards- 49 CFR 232. Regulations and general requirements for all train brake systems, inspection and testing, periodic maintenance and training requirements, and end-of-train devices for Class I, II, and III railroads. Plus the introduction of new brake system technology. Softcover. (Added: 2001-08-22 Rating: 5.12) Rate It
  • Bridge Safety Standards Part 237- FRA Part 237 establishes Federal safety requirements for railroad bridges. This rule requires track owners to implement bridge management programs, which include annual inspections of railroad bridges, and to audit the programs. Bridge Safety Standards Part 237 also requires track owners to know the safe load capacity of bridges and to conduct special inspections if the weather or other conditions warrant such inspections. (Added: 2010-11-22 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Conductor Certification- The Conductor Certification rule (49 CFR 242) outlines details for implementing a Conductor Certification Program. The FRA implemented this rule in an effort to ensure that only those persons who meet minimum Federal safety standards serve as conductors, to reduce the rate and number of accidents and incidents, and to improve railroad safety.

    This rule addresses such topics as the certification program requirements; Schedule for implementation; determinations required for certification and recertification; prior safety conduct; vision and hearing acuity; training; knowledge testing; monitoring operational performance; administration of the certification program; and more.
    (Added: 2012-01-24 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Drug and Alcohol Regulations- 49 CFR 40 and 219. "Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs" and "Control of Alcohol and Drug Use." Both regulations are in one book. Spiral bound. (Added: 2002-03-06 Rating: 0.33) Rate It
  • Locomotive Safety Standards- 49 CFR 229 The Locomotive Safety Standards cover the laws governing inspections and tests, brake system, draft system, suspension, electrical, cabs and cab equipment plus more! Good for both steam- and internal combustion-powered locomotives. Also included are the defect codes for Part 229. Softcover. Spiral bound. (Added: 2006-03-24 Rating: 5.00) Rate It
  • Passenger Equipment Safety Standards and Passenger Train Emergency Preparedness- 49 CFR 238 - 239 Part 238 covers: Safety planning/General Requirements - Tier I & II Passenger Equipment - Specific safety planning requirements for Tier II passenger equipment Part 239 covers: Specific requirements - Review, approval, and retention of emergency preparedness plans - Operational (efficiency) tests; inspection of records and recordkeeping Spiral bound. 212 pages. 5" x 7.5".
    Due to ever-changing government regulations, you will receive the latest version of the regulations included in this book. Softcover. Spiral bound.
    (Added: 2000-08-10 Rating: 3.40) Rate It
  • Qualifications and Certification of Locomotive Engineers- 49 CFR 240. This book affects locomotive engineers, trainers and supervisors. The rule is largely based on recommendations made by an advisory committee comprised of rail industry and labor representatives. This final rule will clarify the decertification process; clarify when certified locomotive engineers are required to operate service vehicles; and address the concern that some designated supervisors of locomotive engineers are insufficiently qualified to properly supervise, train, or test locomotive engineers. 166 pages. Softcover. 4" x 6.5". (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 3.33) Rate It
  • Railroad Operating Rules & Practices- Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 Parts 217 and 218. Part 217: Purpose, Application, Definitions, Penalty, Operating Rules, Program of Operation Tests and Inspections; Program of Instruction on Operating Rules, Information Collection. Part 218: General Blue Signal Collection of Workers Protection of Trains and Locomotives, Prohibition against tampering with safety services, Protection of occupied camp cars. Spiral bound, softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 0.33) Rate It
  • Railroad Safety Enforcment Procedures and Rules of Practice- 49 CFR 209. Safety enforcement of Hazardous materials, criminal and civil penalties, compliance orders, disqualification procedures and reporting of remedial actions.
    49 CFR 211. Prescribes rules of practice that apply to to rulemaking and waiver proceedings, review of emergency orders, miscellaneous safety-related proceedings and informal safety inquiries. Spiral bound.
    (Added: 2003-02-07 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Railroad Workplace Safety- Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 Part 214. Contains Bridge Worker Safety Standards and Roadway Worker Protection. Softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 4.75) Rate It
  • Rules & Regulations Governing Railroad Signal and Train Control Systems- 49 CFR 233, 234, 235, and 236. Requirements for signal system reporting; maintenance standards; grade crossing signal system safety. Includes material modification of a signal system or relief from requirements plus instructions, standards, and rules governing the installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of signal and train control systems. Spiral-bound. Softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 4.20) Rate It
  • The Track Safety Standards Calculator- No more thumbing through the track safety standards to find what you need. This slide rule type calculator contains many of the details for Classes of track 1 through 5. The slide rule format makes it easy to find the measurements you are looking for quickly. All standards are compliant with the Federal Railroad Administration's (FRA) Part 213-Track Safety Standards. (Added: 0000-00-00 Rating: 4.00) Rate It
  • Track Safety Standards Subpart G- 49 CFR 213, Subpart G. Classes of Track 6 and Higher: Applies to track required to support the passage of passenger and freight equipment in specific, higher speed ranges. Includes Defect Codes and Appendix C to Part 213 - Statement of Agency Policy on the Safety of Railroad Bridges. Softcover. (Added: 2020-11-20 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Track Safety Standards Subparts A-F- 49 Part 213, Subparts A-F. Classes of Track 1 through 5: Applies to track required to support passenger and freight equipment at lower speed ranges. Includes Defect Codes and Appendices A, B, and C to Part 213. The standards cover general information, Roadbed, Track Geometry, Track Structure, Track Appliances and Track-Related Devices, and Inspection. Softcover, coil binding. (Added: 2020-11-20 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Use of Locomotive Horns at Public Highway-Rail Grade Crossings- 49 CFR 222 This regulation provides for safety at public highway-rail grade crossings by requiring locomotive horn use at public highway-rail grade crossings except in quiet zones established and maintained in accordance with this part. Softcover. Spiral bound. (Added: 2006-03-24 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Combination of Mechanical Department FRA Regulations- Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 Parts 210, 215, 216, 217, 218, 221, 223, 224, 225, 229, 231, 232. Contains twelve of the FRA regulations commonly used by Mechanical Department Personnel. Spiral bound, softcover. pop (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 6.30) Rate It


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