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  • 1980 Car and Locomotive Cyclopedia- This 4th edition published in 1980 provides illustrations and descriptions of railroad freight cars, passenger cars, locomotives and their respective components built for domestic and export service. Diesel-electric locomotives, electric locomotives, diesel engines and diesel transmissions are also included with many illustrations. Includes a dictionary of car and locomotive terms. Hardcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 4.82) Rate It
  • 2020 Emergency Response Guidebook- 2020 Edition. A guide to aid first responders in quickly identifying the specific or generic hazards of the material(s) involved in the incident, and protecting themselves and the general public during the initial response phase of the incident. Items in the book include: Safety precautions * Who to call for assistance in United States, Canada and Mexico. * How to use the Guidebook during an incident involving dangerous goods. * Hazardous Classification System.

    Sections are color coded providing a ready reference for hazardous incidents to allow for identifying the hazard; public safety measurements to take; and, emergency response actions and first aid. Softcover.
    (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 2.60) Rate It
  • ABC's of Hand Tools- A basic book for anyone interested in the care and proper usage of hand tools. Hand tools discussed include files, extractors, screw drivers, wrenches, vise jaws and others. Walt Disney's Primitive Pete, interspersed in the text, drives home the common sense approach for using hand tools safely. Also includes glossary and pictures of tools. Softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 6.67) Rate It
  • All About Railroading - Second Edition- All About Railroading-Second Edition is the book for new hires and young adults who want to learn the basics of today's fascinating, high-tech railway industry. (Added: 2000-08-07 Rating: 6.56) Rate It
  • Basic Principles of Hydraulics Types of Pumps- This is the book for those wanting to understand the principles of hydraulics and how they work in various situations. Properties of hydraulic fluids are discussed and Pascal's Law is explained. Principles of gear, vane and piston-type pumps are described. A job aid describes how to locate and correct trouble with hydraulic systems. Softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 0.33) Rate It
  • Basic Training Manual for Brakemen and Switchmen- Do you have new employees that need to learn the basics quickly? Our updated version of Basic Training Manual for Brakemen and Switchmen is just what you've been looking for. We've updated this classic book to reflect modern safety practices. The book outlines the basic responsibilities of brakemen and switchmen keeping safety in the forefront of its explanations. It is an excellent training guide for new employees. (Added: 2004-11-16 Rating: 5.60) Rate It
  • How To Run A Lathe- This book covers the care and operation of a screw-cutting lathe. Softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • How to Ship by Rail- A true ''how to'' book for the person responsible for railroad shipping. No phase is omitted. Includes making contacts, lining up cars, cost of shipping, securing the best rates, various shipping terminology, and shipping patterns. A glossary of terms is included. Many insider tips to help you save money and get results. Written by a true expert of the industry with many years of practical experience. Softcover. (Added: 2010-01-13 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Last Train to Texas- Midnight train rides, head-on freight collisions-there is never a dull moment when it comes to trains. Take a look at America's biggest railroads and meet the thunderous personalities who operate them. (Added: 2020-02-18 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Managing Major Railway Programs- 20% Discount - Pre-publication Price: $52.00 Thru 12/31/23
    Managing Major Railroad Projects explains the analytical principles of Project Management as applied to executing large programs and major projects on active railways and rail transit systems. Topics include program set-up, Work Breakdown Structures (by SYSTEMS), PHASING and its relationship to maintenance of rail operations (and maintenance), Project Status including Earned Value Analysis and forecasting, risk management, System Safety (including FRA and FTA approaches), and Systems Integration/Systems Assurance.
    (Added: 2023-11-15 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Managing Railroad Transportation- TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK Managing Railroad Transportation is the third volume in the series on railroad operation. The two volumes of Elements of Train Dispatching discuss railroad operation and transportation management from the point of view of the train dispatcher. Managing Railroad Transportation goes on to the next level, discussing control center management functions, once the domain of the chief dispatcher. (Added: 2006-10-25 Rating: 2.40) Rate It
  • Modern Metalworking- This book supplies basic information on tools materials, and procedures used in metalworking occupations. It explores the numerous metalworking career opportunities. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Painting and Decorating Encyclopedia - Hardcover- Painting and Decorating is a time-honored and highly developed art. The Painting and Decorating Encyclopedia is a beginning and a guide. This encyclopedia is a storehouse of practical knowledge on painting and decorating. It will serve as a valuable guide and reference work for decorators, painters, architects, builders, engineers, and building managers as well as for many others interested in painting. (Added: 2006-12-28 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Painting and Decorating Encyclopedia - Softcover- Painting and Decorating is a time-honored and highly developed art. The Painting and Decorating Encyclopedia is a beginning and a guide. This encyclopedia is a storehouse of practical knowledge on painting and decorating. It will serve as a valuable guide and reference work for decorators, painters, architects, builders, engineers, and building managers as well as for many others interested in painting. (Added: 2006-12-28 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Railroader: The Unfiltered Genius and Controversy of Four-Time CEO Hunter Harrison- Hunter Harrison, the revolutionary railroader from Memphis, dramatically turned four publicly traded companies into cash machines. Starting as a laborer when he was a wayward teenager, Harrison spent a half century in the rail business and nearly two decades running Illinois Central, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, and CSX. (Added: 2018-08-30 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Railroads & Economic Regulation (An Insiders Account)- Railroads & Economic Regulation traces the development, failures and successes of railroad economic regulation by an insider who was a White House appointed chief of staff at the Surface Transportation Board and a senior officer at the Association of American Railroads. (Added: 2023-07-25 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Riding the Rails - Inside the Business of America's Railroads- When Robert D. Krebs joined the ranks of Southern Pacific Railroad in 1966, the industry had been in decline for decades, and the future of trains was in peril. Despite these obstacles, Krebs fell in love with the rugged, competitive business of railroads and was determined to overcome its resistance to change and put rail transportation back on track. By the age of 40, Krebs was president of the Southern Pacific Railroad and went on to lead both the Santa Fe Railway and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway companies. Riding the Rails: Inside the Business of America's Railroads details Krebs's rise to a position of influence in the recovery of America's railroads and offers a unique insider's view into the boardrooms where executives and businessmen reimagined transportation in the United States. (Added: 2018-06-13 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Rights of Trains- Reprinted by popular demand! In this 5th Edition, it has been the aim of the author to set forth clearly the basic principles underlying the Standard Code and to show how the rules of various railroads differ from the Code and from each other. Printed first in 1904 and updated in 1957, this popular book has been highly sought after throughout the years and only recently reprinted. The information is not new but still highly respected in the industry. Softcover. (Added: 2000-11-15 Rating: 5.40) Rate It
  • Signatures In Steel- As a nation, railroading is in Canada's blood and her railways have etched their signatures upon the land. The photographs offered in this book are far more than celluloid images of so much smoke, steel, wood and glass. They are moments carefully and deliberately frozen in time. Many, many beautiful photos. Hardcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 3.33) Rate It
  • The Federal Role in Urban Mass Transportation- George Smerk's important book is a must for anyone interested in the plight of our cities and the efforts being made to solve our transportation problems. Smerk shows how mass transportation was a principal force in the evolution of the nation's cities from the 1880's and how, by 1900, it was one of America's major industries. (Added: 2001-10-26 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • The Historical Guide to North American Railroads, Third Edition- This updated encyclopedia of railroading presents history, photos, route maps, and fast facts for 170+ North American railroads. A new, searchable index makes locating information easy and fast. Learn about railroad lines that were abandoned or merged and discover why, plus take a look at major railroads that are still currently in operation. (Added: 2014-11-11 Rating: 2.67) Rate It
  • The Lineman and Cableman's Handbook- This practical handbook covers the basic principles and best procedures for the construction, operation and maintenance of overhead and underground electric transmission lines. Hardcover (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It

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