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  • All About Railroading - Second Edition- All About Railroading-Second Edition is the book for new hires and young adults who want to learn the basics of today's fascinating, high-tech railway industry. (Added: 2000-08-07 Rating: 6.56) Rate It
  • Doorway to Safety With Boxcar Doors- The reader of this book will be especially delighted with the many illustrations on the safe operating of plug and corrugated doors. It has a schematic guide showing lubrication points as well as points to check for damage. Inspection of locks, and the operation of doors through a complete cycle to inspect for damage and safety is emphasized throughout. Softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 3.00) Rate It
  • Freight Cars With 7 Charts- This book identifies the basic types of freight train cars most commonly used to move the commodities and industrial products of North America. Each type of car is described in relation to its primary function, structure, and main assemblies. Construction diagams with labeled parts for the General Purpose Box Car, Gondola Car, Covered Hopper Car, Open Hopper Car, Tank Car, All-Purpose Flat Car, and Mechanical Refrigerator Car. Stock cars not included. Sold separately. Ring binder/charts. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 0.33) Rate It
  • Freight Cars: Lettering and Marking- Freight Cars: Lettering and Marking is a helpful guide to the lettering and marking of freight cars as established by AAR rules. A must for every railroader needing to read and interpret markings and lettering on freight cars and tank cars. (Added: 2009-06-09 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • The Double Stack Container Car Manual- With intermodal container freight increasing, keeping double-stack container cars operating safely and efficiently is a growing concern to railroads-keeping customers and manufacturers happy with service is a large part of that concern. Don't add to the backlog of container freight by not inspecting cars on your line thoroughly. The Double-Stack Container Car Manual, will help guide freight car inspectors through the major inspection issues regarding double-stack container cars. This handy reference incorporates the latest applicable AAR rules along with information from component manufacturers to provide a practical tool for use by car inspectors. Soft cover, spiral bound. (Added: 2004-11-19 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • 1997 Car & Locomotive Cyclopedia- This edition contains more than 1100 pages of state-of-the-art technical resource information, with extensive descriptions, as well as, high quality technical drawings of freight cars, passenger cars and locomotives in use today and those still in the planning stages. The most versatile, powerful and professional railroad research tool available. Simmons-Boardman has produced several editions of the cyclopedia since 1879. Hardcover. Reduced Price $99.00 pop (Added: 2000-11-21 Rating: 5.91) Rate It
  • Combination of Mechanical Department FRA Regulations- Code of Federal Regulations Title 49 Parts 210, 215, 216, 217, 218, 221, 223, 224, 225, 229, 231, 232. Contains twelve of the FRA regulations commonly used by Mechanical Department Personnel. Spiral bound, softcover. pop (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 6.30) Rate It
  • The Railroad: What It Is, What It Does - 5th Edition- The fifth edition of The Railroad: What It Is, What it Does is even more valuable than before. Inside you'll find a comprehensive look at how today's railroads function-from equipment to procedures and marketing to maintenance. pop (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 7.96) Rate It


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