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  • 101 Blender Drinks- Frozen drinks make a great summertime treat for backyard barbecues and rooftop parties, but many people forget that there are far more options than just frozen margaritas, daiquiris, and pina coladas. 101 Blender Drinks includes all the classics, but also shows you how to turn your favorite cocktails into icy cold, refreshing frozen delights-Cosmopolitans, sangrias, bellinis, and mojitos can all be converted to frozen treats. There's also plenty of creative, one-of-a-kind creations like Yuzu Cucumber Freeze or Guava Lava Passion. Hardcover. (Added: 2011-06-27 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • 101 Champagne Cocktails- Nothing says "celebration" like the sound of champagne corks popping, and cocktails made with sparkling wine are the perfect libations at festive occasions.
    In this beautiful little book, Kim Haasarud, the Liquid Chef, gives you 101 different stylish ways to celebrate with champagne and sparkling wine. You'll find recipes for all your bubbly favorites - Classic Champagne Cocktail, Bellini, Mimosa, and Kir Royale, to name just a few. But you'll also discover lots of creative contemporary cocktails that are sure to become the toast of the town. Liven up any celebration with a Limoncello Sparkle, poinsettia Cocktail, or Sparkling Fruit Bath. For a summer cooler, try a cocktail made with sorbet, such as Hope Floats or Lady Temptation. And for a romantic evening, you can't go wrong with seductive cocktails like the Adam & Eve, Aphrodisia, and Passionate French 75. Hardcover.
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  • 101 Martinis- Martinis are the toast of the Town! 101 Martinis goes beyond gin or vodka and vermouth classics to include adventurous recipes with rum, scotch, fruit infusions, liqueurs, ice cream, and even herbal supplements. Freshen up your martini repertoire and entertain stylishly with these intriguing variations for every season and occasion. Hardcover. (Added: 2011-06-27 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • New Classic Cocktails- Cocktails Are Back and their new incarnations make more sophisticated sipping than ever before. These updated classics from the country s most popular chefs and bartenders are simple to concoct yet complex in character and flavor. Here s how to stir up new, exciting tastes with finesse. Cheers! Paperback. (Added: 2011-06-27 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • The Bar and Beverage Book, 5th Edition- The Bar and Beverage Book explains how to manage the beverage option of a restaurant, bar, hotel, country club-any place that serves beverages to customers. It provides readers with the history of the beverage industry and appreciation of wine, beer, and spirits; information on equipping, staffing, managing, and marketing a bar; and the purchase and mixology of beverages. Hardcover. (Added: 2011-06-27 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • The Bartender's Best Friend: A Complete Guide to Cocktails, Martinis, and Mixed Drinks, 2nd Edition- A newly revised second edition of the ultimate bartender's Bible.

    This up-to-date, practical, and easy-to-use guide presents recipes for hundreds of cocktails and mixed drinks, plus step-by-step directions for making virtually every popular mixed drink, both contemporary and classic-from an A.B.C. to a Zorbatini. Plus, the book includes full coverage of all the basics of bartending, including equipment, ingredients, techniques, glassware, and garnishes. Paperback.
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  • The Sommelier Prep Course: An Introduction to the Wines, Beers, and Spirits of the World- A comprehensive, must-have guide to beverage service including wine, beer, and spirits.
    The Sommelier Prep Course is the ultimate resource for any aspiring sommelier, bartender, or serious wine lover. It includes sections on viniculture and viticulture, Old World and New World wines, beer and other fermented beverages, and all varieties of spirits. Review questions, key terms, a pronunciation guide, maps, and even sample wine labels provide invaluable test prep information for acing the major sommelier certification exams. Paperback.
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  • The Wine, Beer, and Spirits Handbook: A Guide to Styles and Service- This book demystifies wine and the wine making process by approaching this often intimidating subject from a varietal and wine style perspective. Beer and spirits are also covered in this unique handbook. Each chapter includes food and wine, beer, and spirits pairings and how different food flavors and beverages interact. Starting with a look at how wines are made, how to taste wine, and how wines interact with food, the book then moves through the different types of grapes, where they are grown, and the types of wines that are made with them. Designed for beverage managers, chefs, and sommeliers, this handbook covers the science, art, and business of wine. Hardcover. (Added: 2011-06-27 Rating: 0.00) Rate It


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