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  • How to Manage a Successful Bar- TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK An invaluable comprehensive guide to running a bar for maximum profit and minimum stress. Detailed coverage includes 25 of the most important drink recipes; beverage and equipment basics; how to hire, fire and motivate staff; establishing rapport with customers and handling difficult situations; dealing with mixed orders from waiters; legal aspects of safety and sanitation; guidelines for responsible alcohol service. Contains numerous authentic examples. Paperback. (Added: 2011-06-27 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Restaurant Marketing for Owners and Managers- How do I market my restaurant to prospective customers?

    Do loyalty programs really work?

    How do I communicate with my local newspaper to get the biggest ''bang'' for my marketing buck?

    By providing specific tools and methods tying marketing theory to practice, this concise, easy-to-use book provides restaurant and foodservice managers with answers to these marketing questions and many more. Paperback.
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  • Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry- TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry is filled with practical examples and best practices on the topic of revenue management, a critical aspect of the industry. Through numerous revenue management examples from the hospitality industry and a running case example throughout the book, readers will discover how they can incorporate revenue management principles and best practices. Paperback. (Added: 2011-06-27 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • The Restaurant & Bar English/Spanish Spanish/EnglishDictionary- This one-stop reference is the ultimate equivalency dictionary for the bar, restaurant, and hospitality industries. This indispensable reference book contains more than 8,000 frequently used, industry-specific words, phrases, and idiomatic expressions, 24 regional variations of Spanish including spanglish, and is organized into eight convenient sections. It also includes an easy-to-follow ''Guide to Spanish Pronunciation'' that enables readers to use this dictionary without preparation or linguistic training. Paperback. (Added: 2011-06-27 Rating: 0.00) Rate It


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