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  • Air and Space: The National Air and Space Museum's Story of Flight- Drawing on the peerless collections for the National Air and Space Museum - the most-visited museum in the world - this magnificent book brings us the story of the conquest of the skies. From the first hot-air balloon to the Wright brothers, the Apollo Moon landing, the Mars Pathfinder mission, and beyond. More than 400 photographs and illustrations, some commissioned especially for this volume, depict the milestones of aviation and spaceflight. The richly anecdotal text, by author Andrew Chaikin, takes us inside the struggles, the victories, and the discoveries - and makes the adventure of flight come alive. Hardcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • How We Invented The Airplane- Edited by Fred C. Kelly. A concise and fascinating history of the Wright brothers achievement of the first sustained powered heavier-than-air flight in a machine of their own design and creation. Much of the account is in the words of the inventors themselves. Softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 9.00) Rate It
  • Picture History of Aviation On Long Island- In this remarkable photo-history, two highly respected authorities on the history of Long Island aviation recreate the glorious heritage of aerial exploits and technological breakthroughs that earned the island the nickname "Cradle of Aviation." Contains 300 rare photographs that span 30 years of achievement. Softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Six Antique Airplane Cards- Airplane Postcards. Exciting collection featuring superb reproductions of antique postcards. Six historic early aircraft including Voison biplane, A.V. Roe triplane and Bleriot monoplane. Softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • The Industrial Revolution- The Industrial Revolution relates how the discovery of the power of steam and the invention of machines that harnessed that power, spawned the growth and development of the nation. Canal and railways were important too. This book tells the story of some of those inventions and discoveries and the ingenuity of the people who contributed to that revolution. Softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It


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