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Public Transportation: From the Tom Thumb Railroad to Hyperloop and Beyond
by Paul Comfort

Public Transportation: From the Tom Thumb Railroad to Hyperloop and Beyond Our Price: $9.95

Publication Info: 31 pages (2020)
Comfort Consulting World Wide, LLC; ISBN: 9798674105916; Dimensions (in inches): 8.5 x 8.5

Description: TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK Inside the wonderful world of Public Transportation - Children discover its history, how public transportation has improved our world and what's next!

Beautifully illustrated pictures and fun facts will enthrall kids ages 5-15 with stories of how the first steam locomotive ''Tom Thumb'' lost its big race with a horse - when it broke down and how cable cars in San Francisco move up those steep hills. Each page brings children to a different era and type of public mobility from horse drawn carriages to the first subways, buses, light rail vehicles and maglev trains. Along the way they can picture themselves riding these fun vehicles and traveling to their destinations. Then children see how the future will be amazing with autonomous vehicles, Hyperloop and Vertical Take Off and Landing Aircraft (VTOL) shuttling them to a new era of public transportation.

Additional Information: Public/private schools and home schoolers can use this book as a way to introduce children to the important world of public transportation - its history, present and future. Share with your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews what you do for a living in public transportation - whether you work as a bus operator, mechanic or administrator. Using this book you can explain to them how to ride and use public transportation as a means of mobility or even a possible future career.


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