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The Men Who Loved Trains
by Rush Loving, Jr.

The Men Who Loved Trains Our Price: $30.00

Publication Info: 360 pages (2006)
Indiana University Press; ISBN: 0253220318; Dimensions (in inches): 6.5 x 9.5

Description: TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK A saga about one of the oldest and most romantic enterprises in the land-America's railroads-this book also introduces some of the most dynamic people in America. Here are the players who have run the railroads, some intent only on their own power and gargantuan salaries, and others who have loved their industry.

Additional Information: In The Men Who Loved Trains, Loving uncovers intrigue, greed, lust for power, boardroom battles, takeover wars, and even an astonishing story of how one of the most powerful executives in America took afternoons off for an affair with one of Philadelphia's society leaders while his company plunged into bankruptcy.

As Loving points out, if Washington had imposed proper oversight after the Penn Central railroad's accounting scandal in 1970, the Enron debacle might have been prevented thirty years later. The Men Who Loved Trains raises disturbing questions about the need for America's corporations to free themselves from the short-term demands of Wall Street and re-invest more of their profits in themselves and their employees.


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