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The Frigate Constitution and Other Historic Ships
by F. Alexander Magoun

The Frigate Constitution and Other Historic Ships Our Price: $10.95

Publication Info: 155 pages
Dover Publications, Inc.; ISBN: 0486255247; Dimensions (in inches): 8.25x11

Description: The lure and romance of the sea pervade this highly readable nautical classic, renowned for its technical detail and factual data. Written by a distinguished marine historian formerly at M.I.T., the work focuses on famous ships that played a critical role in American history. Long unavailable, this study of a flotilla of history's most important sailing vessels will especially appeal to model enthusiasts, but will also interest naval architects, marine historians, weekend sailors, armchair adventurers, or anyone who ever thrilled to the stirring sight of a full-rigged clipper flying before the wind. Contains 16 plans and 108 illustrations. Softcover.


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