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Narratives Of The Wreck Of The Whale-Ship Essex
by Owen Chase, et al.

Narratives Of The Wreck Of The Whale-Ship Essex Our Price: $4.95

Publication Info: 88 pages
Dover Publications, Inc.; ISBN: 0486261212; Dimensions (in inches): 6x9

Description: In 1819, the American whaler Essex, sailing deep into the great equatorial hunting grounds of the Pacific, was destroyed by a maddened sperm whale that, by all reports, deliberately rammed the ship twice and sank it. The incident, which occurred in the same year the great American novelist Herman Melville was born, was to become a primary source of inspiration for his masterpiece Moby Dick. Indeed much of the detail and color in the last chapter of Melville's tragedy is drawn directly from the three eyewitness accounts reprinted in this enthralling book. Softcover.


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