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Classic Railroad Signals - Semaphores, Searchlights, and Towers
by Brian Solomon

Classic Railroad Signals - Semaphores, Searchlights, and Towers Our Price: $35.00

Publication Info: 140 pages (2015)
Voyageur Press; ISBN: 9780760346921; Dimensions (in inches): 8.625 x 11.125

Description: Since the beginning of railroading in the steam era, signals have always been a valid part of the industry. Everyone who has ever operated or ridden a train has depended on railroad signals to prevent collisions and mishaps. Designed for reliability and durability, signals can survive for decades. In fact, old semaphores installed during the early years of the twentieth century were still in service during the 1990s, protecting trains that were running with the latest modern diesels. Even searchlight-style signals that were the epitome of 1940s railroading continue to work today.


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