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  • 100 Years of Steam Locomotives- Great for the historian, scale modeler, or railroad buff, this collectible quality volume illustratively describes the steam locomotive dating from 1856. The various locomotives are grouped according to wheel arrangement, beginning with the simplest in the Whyte system. The individual locomotives under a particular wheel arrangement category are shown in chronological order. The best illustrative history of the steam locomotive we have seen. Hardcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • 1997 Car & Locomotive Cyclopedia- This edition contains more than 1100 pages of state-of-the-art technical resource information, with extensive descriptions, as well as, high quality technical drawings of freight cars, passenger cars and locomotives in use today and those still in the planning stages. The most versatile, powerful and professional railroad research tool available. Simmons-Boardman has produced several editions of the cyclopedia since 1879. Hardcover. Reduced Price $99.00 (Added: 2000-11-21 Rating: 6.87) Rate It
  • American Shortline Railway Guide- TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCKA ready reference to more than 600 shortline and regional railroads in the United States and Canada - from the Seminole Gulf Railway in southwest Florida to the Alaska Railroad; from the half-mile NDC Railroad to the 2,000-plus-mile Wisconsin Central. The railroads in the book range in age from 163 years (the Strasbourg Railroad, still operating under its 1832 charter) to brand new. The motive power listed in the accompanying rosters includes old steam, new diesel, old diesel, and new steam. The railroads are arranged in alphabetical order, and the entry for each railroad includes a description and brief history, mailing address, telephone number, miles of road operated, weight of rail, radio frequency, location of enginehouse, locomotive roster, and number of cars. The information was compiled by the author, a well-known authority on short lines, and was reviewed for accuracy by the railroads themselves. Softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Atlantic Coast Line Railroad- Railroad buffs, historians, and casual readers alike will be delighted by the reappearance of this book. First published over 30 years ago, Prince’s book has been in great demand for its thorough examination of one of the South's preeminent railroads. The author gives detailed histories of the Atlantic Coast Line's composite railways and subsidiaries, as well as connecting steamboat and ship lines operated or acquired by the organization. He provides full descriptions, photographs, rosters, and pages of schematic diagrams of the railroad’s steam locomotives. (Added: 2000-08-07 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Basic Steam Locomotive Maintenance- Historical book covering steam locomotive maintenance, from theories of combustion and firing to valves and valve gears, this volume revives the mechanics and operations of the by-gone steam locomotive. Richly illustrated and large print make this a valuable addition to any collection. Hardcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 9.25) Rate It
  • Chicago: America's Railroad Capital- Brian Solomon's collaboration Chicago:America's Railroad Capitol is a history of the people, machines, facilities, and operations that made Chicago the hub around which an entire continent's rail industry still revolves. Explore this journey with historic and modern photographs, commissioned maps, highlights of railroad workers and key players throughout history, and the city's complex rail system. While the railroad industry has undergone dramatic changes over the course of its existence, little has changed regarding Chicago's status as the nation's railroad hub. (Added: 2017-01-12 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Encyclopedia of North American Railroads- TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK A magnificent reference with the latest information on railroads past and present for anyone who was ever enthralled by the romance of the rails. Lavishly illustrated and a joy to read, this authoritative reference work on the North American continent's railroads covers the U.S., Canadian, Mexican, Central American, and Cuban systems. Hardcover, cloth. (Added: 2007-02-21 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Fundamentals of the Steam Locomotive- A basic description of construction and operation of the steam locomotive in layman terms. Includes an 11 1/2" x 24" detail chart of a balanced compound locomotive with over 200 labeled parts. Softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 1.00) Rate It
  • Guide to North American Steam Locomotives- The fascinating history and development of steam locomotives in North America. Tells the stories behind the locomotives, includes rosters, and explains wheel arrangements, streamlining, and more with photographs, summaries, and specifications for hundreds of locomotives. (Added: 2016-05-02 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Landmarks On The Iron Road- Although railroad engineering began in England, railroad builders on this side of the Atlantic developed uniquely American techniques and practices. American civil engineers were unsurpassed in their ability to build railroads over great distances and across high mountain passes, to erect great bridges, and to bore tunnels of prodigious length. Landmarks of the Iron Road tells the remarkable story of the building of a transportation system that civilized and settled America, supported an industrial revolution, and created a world power. Landmarks on the Iron Road is the first book to focus on the physical plant over which railroads operate—the roadbeds, tracks, bridges, and tunnels—subjects often taken for granted. It is a volume no rail fan or student of engineering should be without. (Added: 2000-08-07 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Off the Beaten Track - A railroader's life in pictures- This classic book by Robert G. Lewis, Railway Age's long-time publisher and intrepid journalist/photographer, Off the Beaten Track is one man's lifetime chronicle of the railroads and the important role they have played in American life. Off the Beaten Track offers something for every serious railroad enthusiast. From 1930s main and branch line steam operations to dieselization and steam's last hurrah in the 1950s, from obscure rural short lines to the predecessors of today's mega-carriers, Bob Lewis's ability to seek out and capture railroading during its most colorful years is sure to delight readers of all ages. (Added: 2004-08-26 Rating: 9.00) Rate It
  • Railroad Mergers: History, Analysis, Insight- This is a story that holds signs and portents for all who wish to see the art and science of railroading endure, even as its numbers shrink from four mega-carriers to a predictable two, and then perhaps to one, supported by the hundreds of regional and satellite short-line roads that have been one of the great by-products and legacies of consolidation. Hardcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 9.25) Rate It
  • Rights of Trains- Reprinted by popular demand! In this 5th Edition, it has been the aim of the author to set forth clearly the basic principles underlying the Standard Code and to show how the rules of various railroads differ from the Code and from each other. Printed first in 1904 and updated in 1957, this popular book has been highly sought after throughout the years and only recently reprinted. The information is not new but still highly respected in the industry. Softcover. (Added: 2000-11-15 Rating: 9.00) Rate It
  • Safety on the Rails - The Union Switch & Signal Story- From the dawn of the rail transportation to the futuristic driverless rail systems, Union Switch and Signal throughout history has been the leading switch, signal and dispatch company in the rail industry. This book covers every aspect of USS company from the founders to the signal and switch machinist and assembly to the switchboard operators and control centers and every employee in the making of USS. Safety on the Rails will give the reader the whole story of the USS company's leadership in safety and signaling for the transportation industry. (Added: 2011-08-23 Rating: 10.00) Rate It
  • Streetcars of Omaha and Council Bluffs- For the first time, a complete history of the streetcars of Omaha, Nebraska, and Council Bluffs, Iowa, is presented in one volume. From the beginnings in 1866 and 1868 to the conclusions in 1948 and 1955, the rise and fall of public rail transportation in these two Missouri River cities is recorded year-by-year and sometimes day-by-day. (Added: 2007-06-25 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • The 1925 Modern American Locomotive: Construction and Operation- Originally published in 1925, this book breaks down the basics of American locomotives into 200 different topics ranging from the physics of motion to the operation of individual parts, including their construction and operation. Graphically illustrated to provide further description. This is a real how-to book. Softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • The Classic Railway Signal Tower: New Haven Railroad S.S.44-Berk- This book is about the New Haven, Penn Central and successor railroads, and the role that S.S.44-Berk and the other signal towers played in train operations, dispatching and control. The twenty (20) chapters in the book are about trains, history, technology, signaling, rail operations (including dispatching, operating rules and timetable special instructions), industry standards, federal regulations, electrification, and much more. The book is fully illustrated with approximately 76 color photos, 36 black and white photos, and 30 other graphics. (Added: 2009-02-24 Rating: 9.33) Rate It
  • The Railroad Station An Architectural History- This profusely illustrated book chronicles the evolution of the architecture of the railroad station in both Europe and America from the 1830s to the 1950s. It begins with the earliest train-shed and follows the progress of station design to the great structures erected in the Victorian Era-London's Charing Cross Station (1862-64) and Berlin's Anhalter Bahnhof (1872-80) among them. Softcover. (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • The Steam Locomotive- Newly Reprinted! The basic fundamental facts about steam locomotive theory and operation are presented in a straight-forward manner. The book contains certain fundamental facts regarding locomotive theory and operation. It attempts to teach an understanding of the formulas used in steam locomotive operation. If you are restoring a steam locomotive or interested in the steam era, this is a outstanding book to have in your library. (Added: 2002-08-16 Rating: 10.00) Rate It
  • Yet There Isn't A Train I Wouldn't Take- A collection of stories about favorite train journeys by an inveterate railway enthusiast and train traveler. The author was guided by his passion for railroads, as he traveled with notebook and camera to record his adventures on the world’s most fabulous trains–not only the glamorous and luxurious passenger lines but also hard-working freighters. Middleton’s North American treks included a long journey north through Manitoba to polar bear country on the Hudson Bay, a trip to Minnesota’s Mesabi Range to haul a boatload of iron ore to Lake Superior behind a giant Yellowstone articulated steam locomotive, and a ride across Costa Rica from the Atlantic to the Pacific by narrow-gauge railway. Train aficionados and armchair travelers will find this an enchanting and nostalgic insider’s view of railway travel. (Added: 2000-08-07 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • The Railroad: What It Is, What It Does - 5th Edition- The fifth edition of The Railroad: What It Is, What it Does is even more valuable than before. Inside you'll find a comprehensive look at how today's railroads function-from equipment to procedures and marketing to maintenance. pop (Added: 2000-02-29 Rating: 8.76) Rate It


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