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  • Emergency Helicopter Abandonment- This video outlines the actions required by passengers during controlled, semi-controlled and uncontrolled water ditchings. Emphasis is placed on preflight preparation, knowledge of proper crash position and underwater orientation for location of exits. (Added: 2004-07-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Emergency Marine Distress Signals- It is vital for crews to understand and train in the use of marine distress signals; from Radio Communication and visual markers such as Flares, Smokes or Rockets, to electronic locators such as EPIRBS and SARTS. In this two-part, 25 minute program, maritime employees will learn how to rapidly notify Search and Rescue authorities to their emergency and assist them by quickly guiding rescue craft to their location. This is vital compliance training that can literally save the crew\'s life! (Added: 2004-07-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Emergency Platform, Rig and Vessel Abandonment- This program covers controlled and uncontrolled abandonments and the various means of escape available, including, lifeboats, liferafts and water entry. The importance of the station bill, holding of realistic drills and other methods of crisis preparation are also discussed in detail. (Added: 2004-07-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Lifeboat Operation and Survival Practices- Only with instruction on proper methods of loading, releasing, handling and maintaining life support systems can these complex survival craft prove effective at saving lives. (Added: 2004-07-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Liferaft Operation and Survival Practices- Davit, throw-over and aviator liferafts are used to show effective means of using these life-saving crafts. Pyrotechnics, provisions and handling in rough seas are also demonstrated. (Added: 2004-07-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Man Overboard!- This video illustrates the procedures for retrieving personnel in the water, including methods for hoisting a man into a life boat or stand-by boat. Details Hypothermia treatment techniques and Helicopter stokes litter rescue procedures. (Added: 2004-07-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It
  • Water Entry and Survival Techniques- This video discusses survival techniques needed to beat the odds if offshore personnel are forced to enter the water as a last means of escape. Includes Step off procedures, use of PFDs, HELP position, Group Huddle, and Survival Suits. (Added: 2004-07-29 Rating: 0.00) Rate It


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